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Sun, Mar

One of the best examples of sympatric joy is when someone finally was able to hold a newborn baby in their arms and feel untainted sympathetic joy, for both mother and baby it is one of the best feeling ever.

Try to interrupt the negative feelings

Whenever you feel upset or frustrated it is tough to be happy or feel bubr emotions as soon as possible. Try to be confident in every situation Life is what you make of it. As Isaac Bashevis Singer said, Heaven and Hell are in the middle of the marketplace, but the mbly in private and you can’t show your sadness while acknowledging your losses and hurts. At that time try to busy yourself because negative thoughts itself build up in your mind try to wash up youystery of life is that God's face is forever hidden from us.

Give time to meditation

Nurture yourself with calm. Set up a time for only you, try to move away from noise, daily ups and downs and maintain your habit of meditation in silence because sympathetic Joy comes when you focus on your needs in a lovable manner. This activity of meditation definitely set your peace of mind for the whole day. These kinds of activities replenish and block unnecessary thoughts which are developing on our mind and give our body and soul a chance to feel pure joy. Try from today itself

Buddhism and happiness

We all have the potential for gaining happiness because it is not some pleasure of experience but mutual of experience. Peace of mind firstly comes from the heart always destroy depression. Don't try to be pinioned yourself in a stressful environment. Joy is the ultimate source of SATISFACTION WITHIN OURSELF. IF YOU HELPING OTHER THEN YOU GETS many BENEFITS SO TRY TO FULFILL the needs of others. Respect the feeling of others then much positive attitude will gain.

Is Loneliness is a major factor for depression

In loneliness try to develop a self-centered attitude and no idea of jealousy because jealousy brings frustration, develop anger and make you stress. Loneliness is not created by the environment but due to your own attitude.

You are warmly invited to join us! after your meditation period, you can easily explore the sympathetic joy and how we encourage its growth in ourselves our expert classes online provide your daily encouragement and motivational class with full of emotions.