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Here Are The Reasons Why Glass Bongs Are Better

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Looking for a new bong can be overwhelming with all the different options on the market. The price ranges from very affordable to very expensive. Its price is one of the factors that can influence your decision. Most of the best are pricey but it will surely last longer. The quality also is something that you should not take for granted in choosing the best glass bong. Bongs made of glass are durable and classic. But, ensure the thickness so that it won't break easily. If you are planning to buy a new bong, here is why you should consider the glass made bongs.

Glass Quality and Thickness

If you are buying new glass bongs, note that there are two types, the soft and hard glass. Soft glass is cheaper in price and usually solid in colors or a variety of colors. This can be great if you are shopping on a budget but, the quality may not be that worthy. The hard glass bongs are also known as the scientific glass bongs. These are all clear glass that is thicker and denser which make it high in quality and less prone to breaking. For some reason, bongs made of glass are better than the other types, here's why?Glass bongs are the best when it comes to durability and style. But, not all types of glass are this great. Choose the scientific glass as it is the most common type of glass used for making bongs and for good reason. Pipe made of this glass has a high quality and durable. There is also a wide variety of different style of this bongs type. Make sure to get pipes made of scientific glass for they are less likely to break than bongs made with soft glass. These pipes are often more expensive because of higher quality.

  1. ost of the scientific glass is way thicker than the others. Its thickness offers increased strength and durability and also feels very sturdy. Bongs of these types are in a high-quality glass to ensure they hold up and last a lifetime.


  1. There is a wide variety of styles that you can get with glass bongs. You can choose to have the classic look with minimal design or opt for something more stylish. Note that, the more intricate and colorful a bong is, the higher the cost. When buying a new bong, you should know what will be the price point you want to hit and what kind of pipe you want. Knowing what you can afford will make your shopping way easier.
  2. The scientific glass bongs are quite an expensive glass, classic, yet sturdy built. This can actually save you money for it can last longer than on any materials. This will also you for future modification through artistic glass adapters and add-ons. It will give you the feels for a better experience over time. Thus, figure out what you want and then and then decide on the style or type to find the best deals and prices.

Choosing a bong can be an easy and pain-free process if you know what you want. There is nothing sweeter than having your ideal pipe by your side in perfect harmony.