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Rmr-86 was manufactured to remove tough mold stains. Disaster restoration specialists produced it with the aim of getting rid of mold stains your arm scrubbing getting killed. With Rmr-86 formula, you can get off stains from different surfaces without any need of scrubbing. This article on the rmr 86 mold remover reviews will give you detailed information about this stain remover. According to the producers, stains are moved immediately when used, leaving before you an attracting surface. As a bleaching formula, it kills mold stains when it gets in contact with it.

The Surface to use Rmr-86 Formula

Some of the surfaces where you can use this cleaning agent include vinyl siding, tiles, concrete, wood, drywall and almost all surfaces including your house. You can apply this formula to both external and interior stains. Nevertheless, ensure there is enough ventilation when using it at your home.

Rmr-86 Formula Duration

The company claims this cleaning formula can get rid of stains within 15 seconds. This claim was proven true based on our experience with it.

How Rmr-86 formula works

This formula uses bleach made from industry to kill the mold and to get rid of saying.  Even though it can remove stains and kill mold, it is not considered as a mold inhibitor as the removed mold often comes back. This is just a temporary mold killer.

Rmr-86 usage

All that is required is to spray it over the surface, leave it for a while before rinsing or wiping it off. Because of its toxicity, you need to use a protective gear or glove while making use of this stain remover. Another thing needed while using this product is to be in a ventilated area because of its fumes. Store the remaining formula in a safe place after using it.

The Benefits of Rmr-86

It works fast andgood in removing mold stains. There is no need to scratch the surface that you are cleaning. It also eliminates the odor produced by molds.

The disadvantages of Rmr-86

It is very toxic, and you need to buy a protective gear or glove to use it. It is challenging to store and as such better to buy in smaller quantity. Storing it at your house requires several precautions. The strong odor causes tears in the eyes. It must be used in an airy environment.